Reel Rock 9 Film Tour in Nederland

Tijdens de Reel Rock 9 Film Tour, die dit jaar voor het eerst in Nederland plaatsvindt, wordt in drie delen het klimverhaal ‘Valley Uprising’ vertelt. Een geweldig portret van Yosemite Valley. Vanaf 31 oktober tot en met 8 november kun je de film op 5 locaties in Nederland bekijken. Check hier alvast de trailer en/of bestel je kaarten.

Een klimepos in drie delen


The people who stayed in the valley and founded the famous Camp 4 were climbers, campers, beatniks and misfits who longed for a place of freedom. In the Golden Age of Yosemite these society dropouts were considered crazy outlaws, but they didn't care much: they knew that this place was made for them. Yosemite Valley bode well for all free-spirited souls and its big walls offered the ultimate climbing challenge.

The Golden Age generation includes Royal Robbins, Steve Roper, Tom Frost, Warren Harding, Yvon Chouinard, Doug Robinson, Chuck Pratt and many more...


In the seventies, Yosemite National Park still was a place for outlaws and misfits. And due to some chemical substances, "climbing high" suddenly became a motto of ambiguous meaning.
Needless to say, the Stonemasters (or rather "stoned masters"?) - among them Jim Bridwell, John Bachar, John Long, Lynn Hill, Mike Graham, Rick Cashner and Ron Kauk - weren 't particularly popular with the Park rangers.
Nevertheless the Stonemasters opened up numerous new routes, discovered the appeal of free-soloing and spearheaded the effort for recognition of climbing as a serious sport.


In the middle of the 1990s over four million visitors came to see the splendour of Yosemite Valley each year. In order to regulate the situation the National Park management took extreme measures and introduced the seven-day-rule.
From then on no one was allowed to stay in the valley longer than a week. But this bureaucratic stumbling block didn't stop a new generation of climbers, the "Stone Monkeys", from taking on the big walls of the valley.

The "Stone Monkey" generation includes Dean Potter, Alex Honnold, Renan Ozturk, Cedar Wright, Chongo Chuck and many more...

Check hier de trailer:

Data en locaties in Nederland
31 Oktober, 20.00 uur, Mountain Network, Amsterdam
1 November, 21.00 uur, Monk bouldergym, Eindhoven
6 November, 22.00 uur, Monk bouldergym, Amsterdam
7 November, 20.00 uur, Mountain Network, Heerenveen
8 November, 20.00 uur, Mountain Network, Arnhem

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