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De man die het woord micro-adventures bedacht en de wereld verfriste met zijn ideeën over hoe je een avontuurlijk leven (dicht bij huis) kunt leven, heeft nu al zijn kennis verzameld in zijn nieuwste boek. Het boek geeft antwoorden op vragen als: hoe verdien je je geld om de rekeningen te kunnen betalen? Hoe maak je tijd voor avontuur? Hoe blijf je gemotiveerd en gefocust? Hoe ga je om met de post-adventure dip en nog veel meer.

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Adventurers cross deserts and row oceans, appearing to live the dream. Yet they also must pay the bills and carve out time to get away.

Are you trying to make a career doing what you love, daring to go freelance in a creative industry, growing a tribe or curious about an unconventional career? What is it like to build a life from living adventurously?

Whether you are adventurous, creative, or just curious, Ask An Adventurer answers your questions from behind the scenes, rather than the usual questions adventurers hear: there are no kit lists, practical expedition planning advice or daring deeds in these pages. Instead, Alastair tackles questions asked by readers on social media such as:

• How do you make a living?
• How do you make time for adventure?
• How do you stay motivated and focused?
• How do you deal with post-adventure blues?
• How do you deal with the dilemma of flying and travel?
• How has social media changed the way you tell stories?
• How do you become an adventurer?
• How much does an adventurer earn?
• How do you decide what you will or won’t do for money?
• How do you find sponsors?
• How do you get your work done?
• How can we make the world of adventure better?
• How do you get a book published?
• How do you get paid to give talks?
• How do you become a better speaker?
• How do you deal with emails?
• How do you start a podcast?
• How do you launch an email newsletter?

And more…

“There are many ways to build a life. This book is how I do things, but it’s not the way you should do them. I am sure other Working Adventurers would disagree with a lot of it and offer other advice
in its place. I have merely tried to be honest about the way I work. What I don’t do in these pages is answer the usual questions I get asked. There are no kit lists, no practical expedition planning advice, no daring deeds. I have written other books about all that. Here, I simply show you the bodged-together set design of a Working Adventurer’s visible facade.

I felt it was important to counter the Instagram glossiness of not only my online life, but the prevalence of seemingly perfect, envy- inducing online lives in general. It is not healthy to see so much curated polish. I wanted to lift the curtain and invite you backstage to see the reality of the mess that I usually shove hastily into the wings, out of sight.

The book’s genesis was an awareness that the questions I answer in my talks and the stories I share on stage and social media are just the tip of the iceberg of my working life. Kayaking amongst bright blue icebergs is one thing. But who does my tax returns? And what do I do all day in my shed other than drink coffee and look out of the window at the birds?”


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